I have integrated my practice into my daily routine. It has began to change my relationship to my health and my physical body. It is like all things that the more you put in the more you get back in return. Sure it takes work, but for fifteen minutes a day, that’s worth every bit of effort, time and commitment.


I have found Tai Chi has improved my strength, balance and flexibility more than any physiotherapy I have received, and is helping me to feel stronger and more calm. Nina has a great warmth and shares her knowledge and support so freely. I always leave the classes feeling nurtured, uplifted and eager to do more.


The advantage is that these exercises increase my energy, which enhances my mood, which diminishes the effect of the chronic pain. I find that practising is deeply relaxing and painless.


I started Qigong to help strengthen my broken ankle and increase my fitness but it has done so much more for me than that.


Jason's friendly manner coupled with his in-depth knowledge of his subject has enabled my practice to improve greatly since I’ve started taking his weekly class.


The SHA team are able to relate to all levels of students and I always feel so much better (if not taller) after a class.


After a class I feel very centred and positive.